Sunday, January 13, 2008

Review: David Rodigan in Malmö

David Rodigan (UK)
Safarai Sound (Orgiginal Bangarang, Malmö)
Sweet Fred (The Rumble)

Oh, yeah. The first time I heard about David Rodigan was not more then a couple of weeks ago. Before I seen him in clash videos, and wondered who that sweaty white guy was. I’m not really into the clash culture, it’s to much bad language and disrespect going on. I mainly go out to dance, and hate it when they just play every song like 30sec and all the pull ups.

Well this evening at The Rumble in Malmö, south Sweden, Rodigan were her for doing what he done for a long time, playing records. He celebrates 30 year as a dj this year!

The evening start off with Safari Sound. They are ok, playing some nice big tunes and somebody screaming in fake patios on the mic (what’s new under the sun?). People start early to dance, it can because the music or the lack of places to sit.. Some guys dance really strange... M says they make reggae look bad.. =)
It must be nice to play reggae so you don’t have to beat mix so much, it works anyway!

After a while, David Rodigan entrances the scene. People start getting mad before he even touches the CD players.
Rodigan plays on a pair of Pioneer CDJ 1000 for you who are care... The thing about David Rodigan is not necessary his mixing skills, its his choice of music together with the passion he shows on scene. I'm from a dj culture in techno music when the dj at most put up one hand, so this was a good lesson for me. Show response to the music you play and you going to get response from the audiences to. The different from Safari crew which started the evening is that Rodigan don’t use any sound effects or have any echo on his mic and not necessarily play big big tunes that everybody heard, but shows so much love and energy people go berserk... The problem can be when you jump all over the scene, and then have to put a cue point or do a beat mix, all your attention goes from the audiences down to the mixer, and people can feel ignored. This was not really a problem for David, he maximum takes 20 sec to set up a new song, and usually he just mixes over.

I have to give this evening 5 of 5 lighter. David Rodigan learned me a lot yesterday.

Big up to Sweet Fred, the promoter who made it this possible.

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