Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mauricia & Small Axe Band

We back on track with two promos.

Mauricia Pascal, born in the Spice Island of Grenada 1985 lives now in NYC. She recently accomplished gaining the title of, USA Female Soca Artist of the year for 2007. This song is called Aggressive, what a lot of girls over here would like...

Mauricia - Aggressive
Download here.

Second out is a band from the beautiful island of St. Kitts. It was formed in back in the 1980 as Vibrational Roots Combo with Small Axe in parentheses. Now the simple called Small Axe Band and spend a part of 2007 on tour in United States of America, Canada and United Kingdom. This song is called Naughty Shauty. I love how the synth trumpet start it off. Sounds right out of the Moog synthizers in the 70s. My "shorty" is naught too... =) Don't you think it has a nice zouk feel to it?

Small Axe Band - Naughty Shauty
Download here.

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