Friday, January 11, 2008

Video with El A Kru, BOUNCE!

It's a soca hat trick in videos! (a old cricket term but also used alot in soccer for doing three goals..) Well I have to say that this remix by El A Kru made by Precision Productions is not as good as the original. Usually i looove Precisions productions, but this one has lost alot of the energy of the original version. Compare yourself & tell me what you rather her out in a fete! The video is directed by Nigel Thompson. Tizzy the girl singing has joined the band Atlantik for shows in Trinidad for Carnival 2k8, but is still with her old band El A Kru which is joining her later in Trinidad.

El A Kru - Da Bounce (Precisions Productions Mix)

El A Kru - Da Bounce (original)

What version is best?

And we have a bonus video:
This one is not exactly soca, but got almost a soca beat to it.
Its some group doing a funny song called "She's so hot...BOOM!".
I really digg his guitar with built in synthesizer.
They even doing some wining in the end! =)

Flight of the Conchords - She's so hot...BOOM!

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