Monday, January 14, 2008

New Shurwayne Winchester tune

I wonder if this one, called "Best on the road", could be the roadmarch 2008. It's got really nice lyrics. "Yuh look the best on the road, the way yuh have your body expose". I think this one can give that extra energy that you need for two days on the road.
Unfortunately I'm not going this year. It was three years ago since I was home for carnival, its a strange feeling... When you in carnival it feels like the whole world has come to a stand still and when you not there you see that the world continue like normal... ;)
I hope the best for producer Shawn Noel for Ma$tamind Productions and Shurwayne.
Check out Shurwayne Winchester redone homepage here to while listing!

Shurwayne Winchester - Best on the road
Click here for download.

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