Friday, April 22, 2011

Soca Revolution Crew welcomes our new member; SOCA DENNIS (Stockholm)

Yes, Soca Dennis, the well know soca dj from Stockholm is now officially a member of Soca Revolution Crew!

We love Dennis energy and commitment to Soca music and we where very pleased when he accepted our invitation to join the Soca Revolution movement!

Soca Revolution is taking advantage in the soca scene by adding the party non-stopper ongoing soca dj, Dennis from Stockholm.

Soca Revolution is with this newcomer in the group a dj-crew with four members based in four cities: Gothenburg, Lidköping , London & Stockholm.

The amount of possibilities that gives us is enormous. Mr General in London is representing Soca Revolution to the fullest. Radio shows, fetes, guest djing, you name it. He selects tunes even in his sleep. Rumbo & Baccha deliver clubs in Gothenburg and having lots of plans for this season with fetes in the sun etc. Soca-Dennis is already a known soca ambassador in Stockholm and his energy is non stoppable.

Soca Revolution welcomes Dennis to the only soca crew in Sweden & UK with the ability to pick one of their mobile sound systems any time and scare the rest of Europe with heavy bass!
Just give us a call and we will show up with a mobile sound system within the shortest time you can imagine!

Soca Dennis on Myspace;

Soca Dennis on Facebook;

Now we are 4 members in Soca Revolution;
dj Baccha aka Henrik (landet)
Rumboi aka Jonas (Göteborg)
Mr General aka Ojay (London)
& Soca Dennis (Stockholm)

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