Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Music, the Answer to Crime Dilemma

New heavy tune from Mastermind prod:
Eustace Bessor feat. Ace and Menace of 3 Suns - Prayer
*deleted on request from mastermind prod*

In a time when mothers are disappearing in daylight, children are being killed while neighbors hear their cries, our most ruthless killers are 14 and 15 year-olds and we have a murder toll hovering around 373 persons for 2008 with 3 months still to go, comes a blessed song of hope from a man filled with hope.

Eustace Bessor is a 24 year old with a plan to help save his nation and unlike many of his counterparts he realizes there is only one answer to the chaos that currently rules: Prayer.

It is not only the answer and the message - it is the name of his song.

With a haunting melody married to lyrics that are sure to resonate with cross-generational appeal, Eustace - a member of the supposed "lost generation" - delivers a timely piece that will go a long way in the beginning of the healing process this country must now go through if change is to come.

But what can a song do to help save us from the insistent downward spiral our beautiful twin island republic has been on for years now?

The most accurate answer is always the simplest.

Art and culture are the soul of any nation, especially here in Trinbago where we do nothing without music and our very manner of speech is a dance and a performance worthy of any world stage. Right now with our soul bleeding and our hearts sore, we must look to those who have the skill to soothe this uncontrollable beast that is currently ravaging our land.

This song has been a blessing from inception.

Amidst rumors of a dog-eat-dog Soca business we have Menace and Ace of 3Suns and Ma$tamind working with and giving of their expertise to promote and help not just the newcomer - who undoubtedly will be a prolific addition to our local music industry - but moreso the very uplifting message he is bringing to the country they all care about.

According to Ma$tamind a collective national rebuke is needed if things are to turn around.

Prayer is not only a plea to whatever Deity you worship, but it is also an internal reflection and a move to take individual responsibility for the Trinbago we have allowed to evolve either by direct action or our lassitude in behavior.

The movement behind this song intends to change people's minds, ideals and perspectives. They also believe that since it does come from one of their own, the so-called "lost generation" is more likely to listen and act, versus the deaf ear they have given the constant preaching done to them from behind gated communities and holier-than-thou pulpits.

After all, if we stand together as a collective, there is nothing we cannot accomplish and there will always be hope, along with the possibility of constructive change. This song is a firm and positive step in that direction. With its clear message to turn ourselves around it makes you stop, think and redirect your thoughts to a more inspirational mind frame, something both Trinbago and the world needs desperately right now.

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