Monday, September 22, 2008

Berbice New Album

Berbice from Grenada has a new album out called Demon.

Berbice will be in London for a show in Camden Centre November 15th.
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Press release:
Berbice album Demon is released to the streets

Berbice Grenada’s 2007 Road March King releases his Demon album this week. Pre sales units have hit shelves in the UK last week and sold out within two days making the Demon album another instant hit.

The album ‘Demon’ is currently available to buy across a number of Record stores in the UK and a few online websites aimed for the European Market. The album is available to buy through VP Records, J and W Records, Straker Records in Brooklyn, Spiceisland Records in Queens and the Bronx, plus across many stores in Grenada.

Berbice’s won Grenada’s Road March title in 2007 with his hit track ‘Traffic’. His 2007 album ‘Make the water come’ was an instant hit making it a top seller in the UK.

The 2008 album ‘Demon’ includes Berbice’s hit tracks, Demon, Big up yourself, Oh Girl, Beat it plus many more hits.

The album will be available to buy on itunes and Napster in October.

Berbice counts his manager Rocking Jay, family and his fans for his success, since winning the 2007 title he has travelled to places he has never been to previously. Berbice is up for 4 awards at the prestigious Soca Awards you can vote online at

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