Saturday, March 15, 2008

We Ridin!

This is a new track that i LOVE. Just how we do it in Soca Revolution, we RIDIN!

This is one of two tracks of the talented artist miss Juliette Mills. The fist is a real sweet groovy soca tune, called Ridin. Listen here:

Juliette Mills - Ridin
Download here.

Next one is "Yuh Watchin". Its also a groovy tune, this one about shy boys...

Juliette Mills - Yuh Watchin
Download here.

To finish this off we have two bonus tracks. These ones are on the Bluetooth Riddim.
Bluetooth (for mobiles devices) is a swedish invention and the name comes from a Viking called BlÄ Tand, which is Bluetooth in Swedish... =)

Any way, this is Juliette and Ragga versions of the big riddim:
Ragga - Waist (Bluetooth Riddim)
Juliette Mills - Wuk Meh (Bluetooth Riddim)

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