Friday, March 14, 2008

Two New Reggae Tunes

First out we have Skarpyonon the Cornerstone Riddim with the tune "Hard Times".
Skarpyon had a big hit last year with the song "Turn the lights down low". Its a soca/rnb song that even got radio play on the Swedish radio! Ill think the tune was on some kind of VA record..

Well this tune is about the struggle 1 000 000 000 people face everyday. Some nice lyrics, but i think the riddim it self dont sound fat, a little bit to midi computer.
Have a listen yourself here:

Skarpyon - Hard Times
Download here.

Next out is Ragga. Ragga has had some real real big groovy soca tunes, and still droping real hot stuff. I'll post a groovy soca track with him a little later.

This tune is a real bad reggae song and get mad pullups here home... ;)
It's called "Where Have You Gone". The sound is more soft on this one.
Listen here:

Ragga - Where Have You Gone
Download here.

Big up to the artists!!!

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