Saturday, February 2, 2008

International Soca Monarch Results

Yesterday was the International Soca Monarch 2008. Unfortenly there was no live broadcast because of copyrights issues. But here are the results:

Groovy Soca
1 - 266 - Shurwayne Winchester (Carnival please stay)
2 - 262 - Patrice Roberts (More Wuk)
3 - 261 -Shal Marshall & Kerwin Dubois (Gal Farm)
4 - Farmer Nappy (Own Woman)

Power Soca
1 - ? - Bunji Garlin (Fiery)
2 - 257 - Neil 'The Boss' George (Over yuh head)
3 - 254 - Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez (Get On
4 - 250 - Nadia Batson (My Posse)

From C tnt World.

So Bunji and Shurwayne were the winners, no surprise there. A big surprise would be if someone outside had taken the title, or even placed in the top four. As some know its a lot of politics in the Soca business, especially in Trinidad. Some mayor players are really controlling the scene. I think this will hit back in Trinidad in the long run, and I believe it already has. The songs for BIM, SVG and Spice Mas and the rest of the island for last year are stronger then the trini for this year...

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Trinidadianbouy said...

I live in Trinidad and Tobago, Woodbrook to be exact and I’m so feed up of all the Politics in the SOCA music in Trinidad, that’s what made me get out of the Radio Business.

Especially when Soca Monarch and the feting comes around. Now 2008 results was not a surprise to me, everyone’s talking about the nonsense that goes on every year, where artist are not judged on Merit but by who they want to give it at the time and who pays the most money to get there music played on heavy rotation “Payola”.

Bunji and his wife could sing nonsense like this year 2008 because they radio spots are guaranteed and these artist are given an Itinerary of all the fetes they have to appear in advance from promoters, before they even record songs for the season around September/October.

Also when they do drop off there track its instantly put on constant rotation, just like what Machel is doing currently, passing a lot of money to the Radio D.js, so when you hear a new Machel/Bunji/KMC track appearing every week on constant Rotation you know why. Do you really believe its being played because of its lyrical content or because it’s good?

Machel, don’t get me wrong I don’t mind hearing his music because the guy is really good, But when I see young artist approaching me asking why there not hearing there music played which I might add is very very good production wise, even 100 times better than the big artists, I am almost tempted to tell them they have to pay the big bucks, but how could I, what would be my faith? At the station and my safety with these criminals, I would be black listed and I would have no means of making a living on the music scene in My country.

Imagine Bands are given an Itinerary months before carnival, like around sept/oct of fetes they have to appear in, no matter what they sing. The Paul Richards and the Tony Chow Lin on “Chinese Laundry 96.1” Lets hope will no longer control what is to be made a hit or not and what is to be played because who “doh like who etc”

Now with the Added Radio stations in Trinidad, hey we could only hope, that all this miraculously comes to and end, but thank God I’m out of all this mess anyway.

I have a Good job and doing well at my new job Leaving all that darkness behind was the best I had ever done, all that money at Carnival time that was being passed was tempting but I have a conscience I’m really sorry for the music scene in Trinidad and Tobago and the poor and upcoming artist that work so hard and save to record there music.