Friday, February 1, 2008

2 x Anthony B

I saw that Anthony B is in Trinidad for the Carnival. He was interviewed on Synergy the other night together with Farmer Nappy. I had a hard time recognize him even if I have more then 3 cds with him. His is the best reggae artist in my book and he is not the only Jamaican star that is on the island right now. Macka D was on the show before and I heard that Sean Paul made a quick stop too. Some people think it’s to much Jamaican culture in Soca right now. There are Jamaican dances in the videos and flag waving and all the remixes by JA artists.

I personally don’t think it’s a problem, more a possibility. All over the world reggae has gone big, even so big that like some in the Swedish reggae scene don’t think they have anything to do with Jamaica anymore. Well hope we never go that for with Soca, its important to know where you come from. But Soca can defiantly need to get a push overseas. When the people who love Anthony, Sean, Shaggy and the other artist, see that they big up the soca artist maybe they get curious and start to explore. The culture in Caribbean is really the same culture, just different flavours.

Because remember that even if the Soca scene is alive in places in NYC and UK it hasn’t really gone outside its group, its still mostly immigrants from the islands that supporting the music. It need to crossover to the other groups in respective country.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see Soca blog up and be the new trend, trends always die. But I would like to see it established in everybody’s head, so at least people now what it is (which they don’t do now) and so the artists can do more extensive touring in Europe and beyond.

If you are in Sweden the 16/2 be sure to go to our fete and here the sweet riddims of Soca and Dancehall mix...

Here is two songs with Antony B:
First we got Bunji Garlin feat Anthony in the tune "Your Body Gal".
This one has a more dancehall feeling to it. Listen here:

Bunji feat Anthony B - Your Body Gal
Download Here.

Next out is Farmer Nappy, Farmer was (is?) the backup singer for Machel, and he is now pursuing his own career. It going rather good, this tune has really has the island locked last year. I read a Swedish girls travel diary on the net and she said she really grown in love with this one. It’s not my Farmer favourite, that the tune Granny. That one is the bomb. This is the remix featuering Anthony B.

Farmer Nappy ft. Anthony B - Chippin Wit Me Own Woman
Download Here.

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