Saturday, October 29, 2016

Swedish Soca: Rene - Jumbie in We

From my friend Rene from Swedish Soca Vikings:
"Mission Soca Global
Greetings to all Dj’s and selectors in Europe, my name is Rene  aka Rene Sunset Morris,  I’m living in Sweden  for the last 4 years, originally from the soca island Trinidad & Tobago. I’m proud now to represent Sweden as a soca artiste, This was a passion I had a few years ago and paused it because my life got busy doing promotions and events for nightclubs and festivals in Tobago.  Now that I moved here and saw the love for soca on this side, it helped me to get back on this journey I started.  My new single is called “Jumbie in We”  is a soca track with a slight European touch, produced by one of Sweden's top producers Joyo da Silva.   I would gladly appreciate any help with this great song being played all over Europe.  I’m available upon request for interviews.  You guys continue to do the great work you are doing because the entire world is looking at us.  
Jumbie in you, Jumbie in me, “Jumbie in We”"

'Jumbie'', better known to the Caribbean as a ghost or evil spirit was used in a completely different light for "Jumbie in We". The word Jumbie, in this case, signifies the Carnival Jumbie inside all revellers that takes control from the very inception of any carnival season. This Jumbie inside all of us, inside of we, fills us with excitement and joy as it gives us energy to party nonstop and unite all people from all walks of life.
The artist and songwriter, Rene, met with one of Sweden's top producers Joyo Da Silva. Upon listening to a beat produced by Joyo Da Silva, Rene expressed to him that the beat had a jumbie vibes to it. Rene then explained his song to Joyo Da Silva and the musical melody "Jumbie in We" was born.  The song comprises a mixture of pop with a tropical soca twist. The song was primarily crafted for the revellers of the road, clubs and fetes.
Rene Morris also known as Rene, when asked what was his mission or goal, he replied that his mission in Sweden is simple; Push..... Soca..... Global. Rene, a born and bred island boy from the shores of Trinidad & Tobago now based in Sweden, has picked up where he left off a few years ago - being an entertainer. Apart from being a DJ and a party promoter, Rene has now decided to continue and follow his dream as an entertainer and one can only expect great things from him once he gets back into the entertainment business.
Written By Rene Morris &  Brent aka Trini Fresh 
Produced by Joyo Da Silva   
Mastered by Madmen - Johann Seaton

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