Monday, April 21, 2014

Best of Carriacou Carnival music 2014

This year I visit Carriacou Carnival in Grenada instead of the usually Trinidad Carnival. I have gone to Trinidad 6 times and wanted something different. Trinidad have really good music but unfortunately very few song get played intensely during the carnival. Its is also very hard for a new artist to break into the scene in Trinidad. That and also the fact that its more and more "dance" music being played during carnival. For example popular house music and Top 40. I like myself techno, but I don't go around the world just to hear what i can hear at my local disco. I'm coming for the soca!

This was no problem in Carriacou. They are extreme patriotic and just playing the songs from the current year and whats released for the carnival. This is my personal selection of what I thought was best.


We start with a video from the festivities, as you can see its very different from TNT. The island is very small and country side and only have a population of 8000 people. During carnival a lot of Grenadians come over so I guess is more the double then.

Carriacou Carnival 2014 Road March:

Here is the Groovy Monarch for 2014:

and the Power Monarch:

And here we just continue with good music released for Carriacou Carnival 2014, in no particular order.