Monday, December 23, 2013

Serengeti feat. Etzia & Syster Sol - Can´t Test We [Official Video]

Serengeti togher with Syster Sol and Etizia dropped this today, some sweet reggae from Sweden.
Listen to Etzia's cut, she have such a strong and great voice. She also drop a soca track with So Shifty, check it here, love that track!

New singel "Cant test we" from Serengetis second album Rebellious Hearts (2013). The tune is produced by Zany Lou of Serengeti and features swedish and internationelly known and respected artists Syster Sol and Etzia. 

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More info:

Music video by: Lynx Pictures
Regi/Producent: Jonas Andréen & Joakim Hammond
Producent/FAD Christian Rutegård
Fotograf: Josephine Owe
B-Foto: Jonas Björne 
El: Anders Dahl, Samuel Gonzalez
Rekvisitör - Sara Tullberg
Smink: Emma Boman & Felicia Eriksson
Smink/stylist: Rosanna Osorio Clavijo & Fiffi Jenkins
Prodass: Mattias Larsson, Alex Härnström, Christoffer Högberg, Robin Wikner. 
Akrobatik hästen: Sanna Pernell & Frida Björn
So Mad
Enough Dance Crew 
Johanna Sjövall & Josefin Rheborg
AQceS Dancerz
Karolina Muregård, Nadja Liljeqvist & Johanna Hörnell 
So Solid
+ Femtastic (

Tack till för lånet av bilen, Stena stenarecycling för oljefat, Ingegerd Björn & Liza Gustafsson för lånet av hästen och tack till Light In A Room!

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