Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mastermind Christmas

Mastermind is one of the best producers when it comes to Parang, he have now gather all the great
tracks on one CD. A lot of classic and sweet Christmas songs, check it out on Itunes.


Add all of Mastamind Soca Parang Christmas Albums to your collection!

A Caribbean Soul Christmas
Cuatro Man Riddim
A Mastamind Christmas 1
A Mastamind Christmas 2
A Mastamind Christmas 3
A Mastamind Christmas 4
A Mastamind Christmas 5
A Mastamind Christmas 6

Mastamind Christmas, the Ultimate Collection, the only way to do Christmas

You can see it in the red and green splashed store windows, as you feel the tangible change in the atmosphere, from deep within the Americas to the sun-kissed isles of the West Indies. Dieting tummies have even begun to rumble in anticipation of forbidden treats, as their hypnotic scents stealthily soar from the ovens of professional bakers and home cooks alike. And after 6 years and 7 albums tuned in ears know, that the release of a full-length compilation by the Mastamind team, at this time of year, is yet another cherished sign that the Christmas season has begun.
Mastamind Christmas, The Ultimate Collection, is a 21-track album that does in fact as the name proudly states, provide listeners with a definitive collection of songs well suited to satisfy every musical craving one could possibly have this festive season. It includes ever-popular instrumental hits like Black Cake & Sorrel and the Ginger Beer Jam by the multitalented Da Spirits, who plays all of the instruments heard throughout the compilation.
Meanwhile, cultural icons Leon Caldero, Crazy, and Tigress showcase why their careers have successfully spanned decades, with the beloved classics, Rio Manzanare, Maria, and Joy To The World.
Not to be left out, younger entertainers add just the right dash of comedic frivolity with the songs Puncheon sung by Merc and Cash For Christmas done by Third Bass.
Traditional Parang together with new age soul are also featured, giving this album a well-rounded balance of all the exotic flavourings that collectively blend to create the unique experience that is a Caribbean Christmas.
So whether you are celebrating in the midst of family and friends, or if this season will find you far from those you love, this Ultimate Collection is the must-have soundtrack to your euphoric nostalgia or to the new memories being
built, as its melodic refrains hit to the heart of what this season truly means.