Saturday, October 19, 2013

WCK 767 Video

The Pioneers of Bouyon Music invite you to come explore the inner workings of Dominican culture through the release of #767, the new anthem.

#767 has a nostalgic feel, with a production style that replicates the emergent stages of Bouyon music, while the video commences by portraying members of the WCK band suffering vehicular trouble on the way to an event. One member finds THE BOUYON TRAIN and the journey begins, picking up people heading to that event as they go along. All of this incorporates traditional Jing Ping, Sensay and other elements setting a truly a DOMINICAN festive atmosphere, at the same time, painting a clear picture as to the origins of Bouyon Music.

This anthem will touch Dominicans, both at home and abroad, but its true beauty is that regardless of nationality, a simple flip of numbers makes this song applicable to any nation.

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