Monday, October 14, 2013

Mr Renzo Ft. Aidonia - Bend Ya Back - Queen'Stonn Dance Crew - Choreo By Aya

                                                           Queen'Stonn Dance Crew!

We got to give them love. Aya's been giving us(Soca lovers) alot of love for the past years.

She has been posting dance videos and giving Soca music exposure outside of the "family".

The work she is doing deserves some kind of an award. Look at the hit rate on her videos often more then the actual songs itself. Aslongs as Aya keeps the fire burning so will we. 1 Love

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Queen'Stonn DC is a french dancehall crew based in Paris.
They work with a lot of artists and travel the world to perform and give workshop. - CONTACT:
Facebook: AYA LEVEL
Instagram: aya_level