Thursday, April 18, 2013

Norlan El Misionario - Carnaval

Norlan is a Producer/Dj/VDj/ and runs alot of night clubs out in Finland!

Norlan El Misionario - Carnaval (Official Music Video 2013)
Carnaval is the 1st official single from Norlan El Misionario`s upcoming 3rd album: 
Caribbean KoneXion.,

Get now my "Carnaval" single from:

Artist: Norlan El Misionario
Composer: Oldrich Gonzalez Barrueta
Lyrics: Norlan Leygonier Santana
General producer: Norlan Leygonier Santana
Record company: AXR Music Oy
Director/Editor of the video: Atte Heinonen, Asema Turku

Big up all the Dancers on the video:
JaMam`s Cats, Sweet To Badd Crew, Blackout Twinningz(SWE) & Dhq Snow White