Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Soundclash Stockholm 20 April

Stereo Steppers is perhaps Sweden's hungriest clash sound. They started in 2004 at Falun, but nowadays they are based in Stockholm. The sound stepped into the clash scene in 2010 at Ă–land Roots with Firehouse (DK) and Jah Ark Manifest (NO). Since then they havnt looked back. They have clashed sounds like Sound Vibration (S), Fast Forward, First Class, Sthlm Reggae club and Ziontist. Stereo Steppers have had a one year break from clashing but is now ready for war again!

Topaz Sound was founded in 1997 in Rinkeby, Stockholm. As both clash spirit sound and organizer, they have had a significant role in the clash scene in Sweden. Topaz was partly the driving force behind Soundclash SM and through the years they have met several sounds in Sweden and participated in a number of international clashes. Although Topaz have had a break from the clash scene and is now back, fully loaded!

Now they will met for the first time, sound against sound - Topaz Vs. Stereo Steppers - a clash that one should not miss!