Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is Soca going to be the future of Schlager or also known as the Eurovision song contest.

A friend of mine that is a producer sent me an email a couple of months ago. He wanted me to send him some power soca, which I did.

I'm going to link the tracks I sent to him:  Destra Garcia Featuring: Machel Montano JW & Blaze Skinny Fabulous

Schlager(Eurovision Song Contest) is a popular music contest in Sweden/ Sweden its wacthed by around 47% of the Swedish population(47% x 9million) The contest is watched by milllions of viewers. I sometime compare it to Soca minus the carnival and the city turned upside down(in a goodway offcourse). There is a contest once a year and they have more pre-contests then they used to have. The reason also why I'm taking time to write about it. Cause my friend actually made it to get a chance to perform on television. Here is the track:

Artist is called Frispråkarn and the producer is called : K- One.

Big Schlager hits.

Famous winners:

ABBA won the contest in 1974 with the Song: Waterloo

Celine Dion - " Ne partez pas sans moi" "

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