Friday, February 15, 2013

Patrice Roberts Says, Join My World; Patrice World

From Patrice Roberts Team:

The talented, sexy and vivacious singer/songwriter/performer Patrice Roberts has been creating quite a stir in the Caribbean entertainment circuit. With her runaway single ‘A Little Wine’ and a number of other hits namely, ‘Bruk aOut’, ‘Permission Granted’ and ‘Touch Me’, Roberts has been visibly focusing on branding.

Her new initiative which has been branded as ‘PATRICE TV’ is the place to get to know her. According to Roberts ‘PATRICE TV’ is accessible “any day and anytime.” In explaining the concept Patrice shared, “Patrice TV is an introduction to my world, it gives my fans the opportunity to keep up with what happens with me and shows the real side of me at all times.” For those whose assumptions would guide them to think Patrice TV is scripted, Roberts says otherwise, “None of this is planned, on any given day, anything can be shown and it focuses on reality” said Roberts.

With emphasis being placed on her performances, interaction with fans, friends and other interesting aspects of her life, Patrice Roberts is keeping her fans abreast and engaged. “My fans are extremely important to me and I want them to always see me as a person they can interact with”, said Patrice with the brightest smile and beam.

What is PATRICE WORLD? It’s everything Patrice Roberts, her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Where can PATRICE TV be seen? Patrice sums up a valid response by saying, “On facebook by clicking on the video tab and on my YouTube channel, it’s interesting and I love sharing my life with my fans.”

Roberts has been garnering tremendous support recently. “A Little Wine” which was released over eight months has shown no signs of slowing down while Roberts continues to enjoy tremendous success. Patrice welcomes all to join her world, comment and make requests.

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