Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trinidad Carnival 2013 Bands

Sharing it with you :).

Inside this video is a display of the latest Trinidad Carnival 2013 Collection from Bands such as
Carnival Tribe
Carnival Bliss
Trini Revellers
IslandPeople Mas
and much more

But the question is: whats your favorite Trinidad carnival band?

Gerald Achee and Village Drums of Freedom, Rosalind Gabriel, Tribe, Bliss, Harts, Masquerade, Peter Minshall's Callaloo Company, Island People mas, Trevor Wallace,Trini Revellers, YUMA, Legacy, Glenn Carvalho, Genesis, Pulse 8, Spice, Dream Team, Mas Jumbies, Evolution, Brian McFarlane, Trini Fever Crew, Ramajay, Katzenjammers, Lee Heung, Ivan Kalicharan, Wayne Berkeley and Fantasy Carnival.

Just to name a few ;). All of them aint active anymore. please send updates to write topic: Carnival bands