Thursday, December 20, 2012

Scrappy 2013 songs!

Scrappy-02 black-02
Project F-50_EP Cover
Press Release – Scrappy – 2013 Songs
As we enter into the 2013 phase of soca music releases and carnivals, the industry has been making various changes. The marketing strategies have been changing; the artists images have been changing and also the expansion of our culture crossing over into different genres have been changing.
As these changes take place it makes it only understandable why the artists need to make the moves and keep up with the time. For 2013 Scrappy has made a very impressive contribution off of his forthcoming album with music ranging from different genres such as Dancehall, Ragga Soca and Afrobeats. The of the album is
Project F50 – In celebration of Montserrat’s 50th year of carnival.
The album has so far generated very serious airplay with four mega releases
Keep It Steady
Inna De Club - Afrobeat
I Miss You – Dancehall Debut
The four tracks are now available for industry distribution only via Johnson Music Production so please get in contact to make sure your dj set or radio station is in tune with what’s going on. For more info please visit
Twitter - @scrappyonline
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Website –
Download Link -
2013 Soca Music Awards Best Male Soca Artist
2012 Calabash Awards Best Soca Artist
2009 Soca Awards Best UK Soca Artist
2009 Soca Music Awards Best Song
2005 Montserrat Soca Monarch
2005 Montserrat Road March
1992 Junior Calypso Monarch
1991 Junior Calypso Monarch