Monday, September 17, 2012

Sanjin & Youthman - For A While

Swedish / Balkan dancehall with my good friend Emir aka Yuthman on the Balkan Dancehall EP 2012.

Filmed by: Cesar Higueras, 
Edited by Emir Kobilic & Sanjin Kljucanin

Here YU go with the 3rd video of SANJIN & YOUTHMANs BALKAN DANCEHALL EP. FOR A WHILE was recorded on the next UPLIFTMENT INT'L riddim XLERATION and played by a young and upcoming producer called TINY DAWSON from the GERMAICA capital Leipzig. Check out the newest madnezz of the "Original Balkan Dancehall Ambassadors"!

ORIGINAL BALKAN DANCEHALL TAKIN OVA' was the slogan that popped up last year when SANJIN & YOUTHMAN released their first official single RUNNIN' DIS TOWN. The duo of cousins -- originally hailing from Bosanka Gradiska/Bosnia but now living in Sweden -- started it's musical journey more than 10 years ago within the belly of the Swedish underground hiphop scene. SANJIN & YOUTHMAN is DeeJay SANJIN and his counterpart SingJay YOUTHMAN who is also producing. YOUTHMAN as well provided the majority of the instrumentals for their debut EP that we'd like to introduce to you today...

One late drunken evening while listening to the folk inspired sounds of their home country, they decided to fuse the influences they've gathered through their long love of music, and the idea of BALKAN DANCEHALL was born. And so they started to combine the language and the culture of their Bosnian background with Patois lyrics and Jamaican music. The similar rhythmic patterns of both regions make you wonder, why only now this merger appears, but SANJIN & YOUTHMAN along with fellow GERMAICA label mates LAS BALKANIERAS only proove that obviously it's the right time to do it! And speaking of LAS BALKANIERAS... BALKAN COWBOY -- the first song of the release -- is featuring the "Queens of Balkan-Dancehall" making it a humorous party-family-track. Followed by the mentioned RUNNIN' DIS TOWN on YOUTHMANs killer riddim YU GO! the EP takes up speed leading to the latin flavoured HEY SEƑORITA featuring RIGO out of the "Crossfire" camp. Next up is TOURIST with witty lyrics and great rapping skillz of SANJIN it is a previously unreleased track recorded on the MONKEY BARREL RIDDIM of WARD 21s KUNLEY McCARTHY.

An interlude prepares you for the "journey of your life" which is FOR A WHILE the stand out track of this release. Performed on the upcoming second UPLIFTMENT INT'L riddim and build by TINY DAWSON, FOR A WHILE has everything including a great Pop-appeal to make it a propper candidate for the first big hit of SANJIN & YOUTHMAN! The final song and also the next video of the BALKAN DANCEHALL EP is PIJEM VISKI (WE DRINK WHISKY) featuring JOEY FEVER. Another party track and another banger which closes this very promising release of the ambassadors of BALKAN DANCEHALL the magnificent SANJIN & YOUTHMAN!

Get ready for something you've never experienced before: Party, tears, and joy in it's purest form! Get ready for SANJIN & YOUTHMAN!