Friday, April 6, 2012

Joey Fever - Ti-Li-Boom Video

Swedish dancehall! Enjoy!

Directed by KILJANO (Latin Kulta Entertainment)

This one is PIONEARs favorite track on the first round of the EMIR "YOUTHMAN" KOBILIC produced YU GO! RIDDIM. The hook is simply a killer! Witty lyrics easily making the connection between the Balkans and Jamaica, between Sweden and Germaica.

The YU GO! craze - first took Europe by storm resulting in upcoming local releases in Poland and Spain. Now it is even turning into a world wide phenomenon since overseas territories currently joining the line up. In the meantime enjoy the song of the currently most promising European Artiste performing in Patois - get ready for JOEY FEVERs TI-LI-BOOM!

"Balkan Dancehall" is the theme of the YU GO! RIDDIM as well as the TI-LI-BOOM single, on which JOEY FEVER pays tribute to his long time love, Balkan Roma music. "Wheather YU inna a kriss Mercedes Benz or drive a donkey carriage - when Puppa Fever deyah YU know seh me no care... When me grab the microphone me hypnotize the ladies!"

TI-LI-BOOM is also the first single from JOEY FEVERs upcoming EP EMIR "YOUTHMAN" KOBILIC PRESENTS JOEY FEVER - GOOD & SIMPLE EP to be released May 1st. The TI-LI-BOOM video was shot in Stockholm by KILJANO (Latin Kulta Entertainment).

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