Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trinidad Hiphop artist: Chromatics

He did the much celebrated Carnival Rap Up and his name is Chromatics.

Entertainment Macco did a interview and gone deep with artist:
(Se also Swappis response)

We won’t be true maccos if we did not get in on the “Carnival Rap Up” hype. By now many of our maccos would have heard Chromatics’ controversial Hip Hop song which was released 5 days after Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival (26th February). Chromatics is no stranger to the Entertainment Industry as he has been actively involved in music for a number of years, however this year is off to a great start for him. The spotlights are on him and he is enjoying the success and opportunities being dished out to him.

Read it here!

Check his tracks here & his facebook here.

My favourite is the "Puppet"

Chromatics & Beebo - Puppet

Chromatics & Beebo (ft. Jus Jas) - Rumours


Chromatics - Carnival Rap Up

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