Friday, January 20, 2012

Soca gone Dubstep; Kes - Come Play Ah Mas + Mp3 Download


Behind the scenes - This is how Soca is Made! ;)
I have been waiting for the Mad Men Releases, and they are on top!

And just when you think you have heard all of their trump cards for the season, MadMen Producers proceed to hang your musical jack with a sinfully tasty mix of Dubstep and hot pumping Soca.

The DubPop riddim hits the listening public with its first offering from Kees Dieffenthaller entitled, "Come Play Ah Mas". This scandal inducing mesh of club stomping, flag waving, sure to keep your waistline gyrating sounds, is another lively step forward in MadMen's mission and promise to take our beautiful culture straight to the world stage.

With lyrics by Kees and Jon Dieffenthaller, alongside the Mad Writers, Emmanuel Rudder and Stevie S., this one takes every music lover to the edge of the melodiously impossible and challenges them to free fall into the mind blowing bliss that is MadMen's Island Pop for Carnival 2012.
But it is not over yet.

Keep it locked, as there is a whole lot more heart thumping music from the DupPop riddim to come! ©Mystie Thongs

Produced By Madmen Productions, Mixed & Mastered By Madman Johann Of Madmen Productions. Written By Kes Dieffenthaller, Emmanual Rudder, Stevie S. And John Dieffenthaller.

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