Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kes Special: Article + Live Video

Kes the Band are one of the biggest bands in Trinidad, with countless hits they always really mashing up the fetes they preform in.

The man behind Kes is now featured in an article in the Guardian;

Soca Artist Week Kees Dieffenthaller
When Kees Dieffenthaller first graced the soca stage in the late 90’s as lead vocalist of then cover band Imij and Company, he was an instant hit with the women. But Kees soon proved that he had much more than looks to give to the industry. A little guy with a huge voice, he was able to place the sweetness back into soca. Initially delivering renditions of songs sung by existing popular artistes, the San Fernando native eventually decided to exit the cover band in 2005 to venture into the formation of his own, known today as Kes The Band.
Read it here.

Also check our Kes the Bands performance at Fire Fete: Kes, Shal Marshall and Super Jigga TC!

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