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Carriacou Carnival 2012 17th feb - 21st feb

From Bless up!

The Real Jab Jab Cruise from Grenada to Carriacou Feb 19th - 20th....details coming soon!!
Calendar of Events & Updates


Friday, Jan 27thVillage LaunchDover7pm
Saturday, Jan 28thVillage LaunchL'esterre7pm
Sunday, Jan 29thVillage LaunchBogles7pm
Friday, Feb 3rdCalypso Semi-FinalCommunity Center8pm
Saturday, Feb 11thSoca Monarch Semi-FinalCommunity Center8pm
Wednesday, Feb 15thRoad ShowHillsborough (by the Jupa)6pm

Friday, Feb 17th

Soca Monarch FinalHillsborough Playing Field9pm

Saturday, Feb 18th

Queen ShowHillsborough Playing Field9pm
Saturday, Feb 18thJiggers after Queen show White Affair PartyAfter Hours Night Club10pm
Sunday, Feb 19thThe Real Jab Jab Cruise Depart Grenada to Carriacou12pm
Cruise Price $100 return (includes Jouvert package)
Sunday, Feb 19thJiggers Wet Fete (Not a CCC event)After Hours Night Club Parking Lot3pm
Sunday, Feb 19thCalypso FinalsHillsborough Playing Field9pm
Sunday, Feb 19thCamboulayMt. Royal (drumming begins at midnight)8pm
Monday, Feb 20thCarnival Monday - JouvertStreets of Hillsborough4am
Pageant/ King & Queen of the BandStreets of Hillsborough3pm
Monday Night MasStreets of Hillsborough8pm
The Real Jab Jab Cruise Depart Carriacou back to Grenada12am
Tuesday, Feb 21st, 2012Carnival Tuesday - Shakespeare MasMt. Royal, 6 Roads, Brunswick & Hillsborough9am
L'Esterre JouvertL'Esterre5am
Parade of Bands @ Hillsborough StreetsStreets Hillsborough3pm
People’s Choice Soca MonarchHillsborough (by the Jupa)9pm
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Calypso Semi-Finalists (takes place Fri 3rd, Feb)

NameSobriquetSong Name
Martisha SimonMartieGive unto Ceasar
Anderson MathersonLeftistWe worse enemy
Kevin SamuelBonelessPart the Crowd
Thomas WilsonKilotipsTimes Hard
Andrew DickBig Bad BustaRoman Anthem
Shermaine SimonShermaineMy Beautiful Island
Tyrell AugustineSuper DLiving it up/Guding Angel
Janin JosephBrownskin JN/A
Brendon McKieKilla BSay ah pray
Anthony DouglasSugar PatchMaster Plan
Nashanda CharlesShandaN/A
Dwain JohnBlingN/A
Chester SamuelDoctor GThey too fass/Advantage
Kenneth EnoeDisciplineN/A
Hugh AlexanderHugoThe King Conversation
Shirlan GeorgeSkinny BantonToo young/Helping Hand
Fitzroy LendoreD Man EasyN/A
Shorn Chase/ Trevon BartholomewCrate/Young BuckRight Now
Nerissa FortuneFire PrincessThe Cry
Samantha DicksonN/ACool me down
John BaptisteAdvocateWe moving on
Tom BedeauLord WelcomeTo be determined
Sherma SimonSister ShermaDe little drum song
Kevon DickMental KidRise up
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Brief Description of Carriacou's Carnival

Carnival celebrations in Carriacou are held from the weekend before the start of the Christian Lenten period. In the tradition of Caribbean Carnivals, these celebrations include calypso competitions and the parade of brightly costumed masqueraders thorugh the streets of the main villages.

Unique to Carriacou Carnival is the Shakespeare Mas, in which brightly dressed Peirrots engage in a battle of wits using only lines from Shakespearean plays. The competitor without a quick reply earns a playful stroke from his opponent's stick.

Although the Carnival entails many aspects of the main land's Carnival, this event is quite spectacular in its very own unique way.
Source: Grenada Board of Tourism

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