Tuesday, January 31, 2012

20 days to carnival!

Jan 2012 - Issue No.4

Still undecided on whether you're playing mas?

Here are three reasons why you MUST play this year:

  1. Great Soca Music
  2. Showtime's Best Presentation to date - Species
  3. Showtime's Patsy & Paul Drink Packages

Ok...so you're playing, but what section?

Good news, there are a few sections still available:

Sakura Papiliondae Silver Sage Human 2012

This Friday!!!

This Friday, experience an event with a mixture of sophistication and fun.

Come down to the 'mas camp' this Friday for our 4th Carnival after work lime.

Soca, Wine & Cheese

For more info call:

342-5747 / 681-6117

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