Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marflix – We Paranging 2011

What is Parang? Read about it at Marflix's blog;

Marflix – We Paranging 2011
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Mastamind – What Is Christmas Without a Rum (buy this track: Amazon.DE)
RemBunction – Macafouchette
Ajala – Bring Yuh Rum (buy this track: buy at Amazon.DE)
Ricardo Drue – Fork
Sliver & Ice – Eating Everything
Da Spirits – Sweet Bread
Preacher – Ah want a liquor
Leon Coldero – Ron
Marcia Miranda – Bring Out De Ham
Annoited – Brint Out The Rum
Scareface – Free Drinks
King David – Trini Christmas
Generation X – Christmas Again
Sharla Dianne – Christmas Morning
General Grant – House_to_house
Ken “Professor” Philmore – Christmas Stagger
Ataklan – Christmas Stagger
Sheldon Blackman – Home 4 Christmas
Bunji Garlin – What is Christmas
Scarface – Theifing Santa
Gen-Ex – Ah Different Christmas
Jadee – Ah Touching Down
Renice – Ah Sweet Christmas
Denise Belfon & The Family – Mandolin Fiesta
RemBunction – Baila La Parang
Baron feat. H2o Phlo – De Sweetest Christmas Lime
Ziggy Rankin – Woman For Christmas
Leon Coldero – Bella Trinidad
Patch – All I Want For Christmas (buy this track: Amazon.DE)
Crazy – Maria
D’ Chancellor – Rum and Parang
Annesia – Bobolups (buy track: Amazon.DE)
Creig Camacho – Garlic Pork
3rd Bass – Who Party Is Dis (buy this track: Amazon.DE)
Ronoman – Bachellor
3 Amigos – Rum Confessions
Patch – Nothing
Shaft – Tabanca Christmas (buy track: Amazon.DE)
Chucky – Ole Time Christmas
Pelf – Last Brush
KMC – Iceless Christmas
D’ Chancellor – Why Yuh Drink Meh Rum?
Francine – Hurray Hurray
Bindley B – Santa Say
Crazy and Friends – More love for christmas
Neisha “jus’ tis” Guy – I pay fuh dat
Young Voice – Loving Neighbor
Marcia Mirinda – Rund de Bread
Fuki – Suzie (buy track: Amazon.DE)
Relator – Bottle & Spoon
Merc – Puncheon (buy track: Amazon.DE)
Sprangalang – Bring Drinks
Chai – De Parang Cyah Done

My old Parang tapes (Christmas music)
Mp3 Download
Caribbean Christmas part 2 - We Gone Parang!, 192kbit, 67:22min, 104 Mb (one mp3 file),
Cover, Tracklist

Mp3 Download
Caribbean Christmas, 192kbit, 73:59min, 117 Mb (one mp3 file)
Caribbean Christmas, 192kbit, 73:59min, 121 Mb (split tracks, zip file, incl cover art)

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