Monday, November 7, 2011

Swedish Dancehall: YU GO! RIDDIM

“YUGO”: … a person of YUGO-slavian origin who sometimes immigrate into western European countries (such as Germany, Sweden, Italy, Austria or Switzerland) and is often discriminated by natives of those countries who think that all YUGOs are criminals...”

GERMAICA is in full gear again when Riddim No.19 of Europe’s Premium Dancehall machine is ready to enter the clubs! And once again the label is introducing a brand new trend: “Balkan Dancehall”!

... Dancehall culture saw an enormous growth within the last decade and the music has spread all over of the globe. Like MILLION STYLEZ in "Dancehall Takeover" - the lead tune of the release - says: “Dancehall a world-wide ting right now!”... The instrumental of the “Yu Go! Riddim” is a good example for that. It’s a perfect blend of an authentic sample from the Bosnian 80s music and an up-to-the-time Dancehall beat. It was produced by EMIR “YOUTHMAN” KOBILIC, Bosnian immigrant to Sweden and one half of the dynamic “Balkan Dancehall” duo SANJIN & YOUTHMAN”, who provided the first single on the riddim called “Runnin’ Dis Town”. Carrying an unique vibe his debut Riddim is destined to make all girls swing and the rudies salute!

Further contributions come from a new and hungry generation of young European Artistes like LAS BALKANIERAS (HR/BiH/RUS), SEROCEE (UK), GNUCCI BANANA (S), TOM HYPE (A) or RIGO (S), as well as established forces like the mentioned MILLION STYLEZ (S), RED FOX & MR. EASY (JA) or JOEY FEVER (S).

The "Yu Go! Riddim is available digitally from Oct.18th...

Check the the MegaMix of the Riddim here:

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