Sunday, October 2, 2011

KMC had enough!

KMC Says He Will No Longer Be Involved With Carnival.

Ken Marlon Charles, or KMC as he is more popularly known, is no longer a soca artiste. In fact, he categorically stated that he will no longer be involved in the festival that is Carnival. On September 7, the T&T Guardian spoke with KMC, quite coincidentally, and he hesitatingly revealed that he had been in Europe, where for the past few months, he has been signed to 2101 Records—a subsidiary of the Universal Music label. The former lead vocalist of Red White and Black here in T&T said he was quite serious when he stated that he would no longer be a part of Carnival festivities after the 2011 season.

Read the full story at Trinidad Guardian.

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Here is my 2cent:
The problems is that he got out of the soca mafia loop. If u know about the soca scene in Trinidad, u know its controlled by a few ppl that get the radiostations and djs to play a certen tunes, KMC pissed of these ppl a long time ago, and since then his career has been on hold in tnt. He dont get any gigs at the shows, hes songs dont get played on radio, and so on. I complete understand him.

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