Monday, August 22, 2011

S.O.C.A – Soul Of Caribbean Artform

S.O.C.A – Soul Of Caribbean Artform

For Immediate Release

Since his emergence on the Soca scene in 2005, Scrappy has been delivering quality music, which represents his personality, style and encompasses his distinctive voice. He is back again, this time with his 2011 album, S.O.C.A - Soul Of Caribbean Artform. The album boasts of music from multiple producers in the Caribbean entertainment circuit, such as Chronik X, Dj Shaker HD and Junez to name a few.

One of the tracks that have been getting major airplay so far is “Chocolate Girls” a song that emphasises the chocolate mas experience. The lyrically impressive track targets almost every Caribbean island in the region and is designed for a jouvert morning hit this year in London’s Notting Hill Carnival.

Also included are the 2011 UK Road March tracks Judging Point and Masqueraders Come which will be on heavy rotation by all the mas bands which will be passing judging point inevitably on both days of carnival, not to mention the popular groovy zouk style track Pa Kite Mwen feat Jazzy, a young London based saxophonist who made an incredible impact on this tune. Pa Kite Mwen shows the versatility of Scrappy as an artist signing in Creole making this track as authentic as a zouk track can be.

The rhythms, unique style, special events and people are said to be many of the factors that help define the Caribbean Artform. It is unarguable however, that whatever the factors are, the infectious attributes are prominent. S.O.C.A incorporates most, if not all of the factors many include when Caribbean Artform is mentioned.

The album will be distributed worldwide through Johnson Music Production and Faluma. The album which is due to be released Monday 22nd August 2011 promises a unique and enjoyable listening experience, so look out for this project from Scrappy. This is one to add to your collectors’ edition if you are a Scrappyholik or a die hard soca fan that enjoys good music.

Scrappy explains, “The album showcases my musical ability and my contributions.”

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