Friday, August 19, 2011

Etzia's new EP Gangstress

The Sentinel artist Etzia is now releasing her
EP "Gangstress", on Tunesberg Records.

The album is mainly produced by swedish Partillo,
the man behind Collie Buddz & Machel Montano´s
massive hit, "FLY AWAY".

The songs range from hardcore dancehall to rub-a-dub and lovers,
enigeered and produced by Partillo, Lance-a-Lot and
Hot This Year band.

Mixtape from the EP/album "Gangstress". release date: late August 2011.
Mixtape and video compiled by Partillo.
Track 1,2,3 is produced by Partillo Productions.
Track 4 is produced by Partillo and played by HOT THIS YEAR BAND.
Track 5 is produced by Lance-a-Lot



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