Sunday, June 19, 2011

White Wine Interview by Entertainment Macco

Many of us have a misconception that any person involved in SOCA, CALYPSO, REGGAE and other Caribbean genres must originate from an island that indulges in it. WhiteWine however is different all together and has been proving that misconception wrong. Entertainment Macco found a special interest in WhiteWine and had to take an available opportunity to find out as much as we could about him......
What we got was a TASTE OF WHITE WINE....

Entertainment Macco: So, tell me a little about White Wine, who are you?
White Wine: “Me? I’m a Canadian born, soca artist, songwriter and producer. I was born in Toronto and raised here. I got involved in the soca scene about 9 years ago and immediately caught the bug. I transitioned my singing career from rap to soca about 6 years ago, and started producing the music maybe about 4 years ago.”

Entertainment Macco: What is your given name?
White Wine: “Greg Smith”
Entertainment Macco: Hi Greg *waves*

Entertainment Macco: Where did the name White Wine come from?
White Wine: “Back in the days when I first started feteing I used to hit a lot of Dr. Jay de Soca Prince’s parties and he used to say that white boy could wine. Eventually he started calling me White Wine and the name stuck.”

Entertainment Macco: Are you single, in a relationship or married?
White Wine: “Oh lawwwd. I’m like ... say... I’m married to my family and my puppy.”

Entertainment Macco: What about children, do you have any?
White Wine: “Nah, no children, Just an English bulldog puppy.”

Entertainment Macco: For those who may not know, what role do you play in the entertainment industry?
White Wine: “Well right now I’m working with my partner in crime Jaxx, a major major star coming out of Toronto and Trinidad who can real sing. He bad…trust me, he bad. I’ve done a lot of production of the last 4 or so years, and song-writing. Between that and doing some singing myself I’ve been staying over-busy. Trying to keep my head above the water, grow, learn, and keep involved with the culture as much as I can."

Entertainment Macco:How did it begin for you?
White Wine: “Ha! Everyone seems to ask this. For me, I love to dance, I always have. But in my culture, white guys don’t dance. In college I met a few of my long time partnahs who started taking me out to dancehall jams and reggae shows and I would catch the steps pretty quickly. I enjoyed it but my next partnah, a trini, told me he wanted to bring me to a fete. From the first fete I ever went to I was locked onto soca. The positivity, the happiness and the vibes; I felt at home. From then on they created a monster.”

Entertainment Macco: Tell me about the pre-conceived notion people usually have when they see you?
White Wine: “I mean, I can’t speak for other people so I wouldn’t know. But I think.................."

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