Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Reggae from JeepStarr!

From my friend JeepStarr:


We just put upp this video and give you the chance to preview it prior to release.

Hope you like the vibe and feel like spreading our humble thoughts.
The song will be released for free together with ThePirateBay on wednesday the 14th of April.

We who have been working on this project would be honourd if you
gave us the time and listened to the tune before it is released here:

You can read a release not about how the track came to life and why we
are releasing it for free with TPB here:

The song, "Peace of mind", was written in conjunction with the Swedish
Governments introduction of a new law in december 2010. This law says
that everything in public service will be previewed by the state before
getting approved. This law was added without the public being properly
informed, and despite strong oppositionsfrom both politicians and key
players within Swedish culture andmedia. Some swedish legal streaming
sites wouldn't be today if this new law would have existed before they
were launched and some even say that it is contrary to the
swedish constitution. The song was created and the only
right way for it to see the light of day is free and through TPB.

They can not put a price on our views and our minds can
never be previewed!

Lyrics / Melody / Song: Jeepstarr
Producer / Music: André Roots
Video / Art: Ofer
Cover / Art: MoeglOne

We who worked on this project hope you feel the vibe and would be more
than happy if you helped us spread this package of freedom in speach and


best Regards

/Mr Jeepstarr

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