Friday, March 4, 2011

Fantastic Friday! Soca Monarch Today!

Ok, to day the big day before carnival, its Fantastic Friday!
Thats the day of the International Soca Monarch! International Soca Monarch is the biggest Soca Competion around the world and is comparable with what we call European Song Contest in Europe. The prize sum is a staggering 2 000 000 TT$!

I heard that they will stream it live online from

You can also see it Live on for a fee.

A lot of talk have been going on before the show who will win.
Bunji, Fay-Ann, Machel, Iwer?

Even if its called International Soca Monarch there is no chance that a non trini would win. First of all the international soca artist doing songs that are old, and that's impossible in the fast moving soca scene. Second of that, they are in Trinidad, a very patriotic country. Some people even call the competition staged.

Anyway they have a new scheme now where you can vote by your phone if you are in the caribbean. More info how to do this you find here.

Here is some articles that has been written about the competition;
Battle on for soca crown By Wayne Bowman (Trinidad Express Newspaper)
BUNJI BLASTS MACHEL By Joel Julien (Trinidad Express Newspaper)

Here is the video clip of Bunji talking about Machel:

Here is the artist that are in the finals:

Performance Positions – Finals and Compostions

Positions First Name Last Name Sobriquet Compostion
1 Jason/Ancil Williams/Isaac JW and Blaze Wild and Frisky
2 Anderson Armstrong Blood Foot on Fire
3 Gamal Doyle Skinny Fabulous Charge Up
4 Michelle Xavier Michelle X Feting for Days
5 Stevenson Marshall Shal Marshall Doh Drag De Flag
6 Wilt Cambridge Tallpree Lighters
7 Neil George Iwer (The Boss) Come To Meh
8 Nadia/Patrice Batson/Roberts Nadia Batson/Patrice Roberts We Not Leaving
9 Machel Montano Machel Montano HD Advantage
10 Destra Garcia Destra We Own It
11 Ravi Bissambhar Ravi B Is Mas
12 Ian Alvarez Bunji Garlin Hold A Burn
13 Tian Winter Tian Winter Hurricane
14 Fay- Ann Lyons Fay- Ann Lyons Consider It Done

Positions First Name Last Name Sobriquet Compostion
1 Kamaul Franklin Ras Star Soca Fire
2 Jahmoun Mendoza Jahmoun Flashing Lights
3 Kevon Heath Yankey Boy & Patch Head Nice
4 Kees Dieffenthaller Kes Wotless
5 Dexter Stewart Blaxx Tanty Woi
6 Anthony Hendrickson All Rounder Body Wine
7 Shurwayne Winchester Shurwayne Winchester Paradising
8 Destra Garcia Destra Cool It Down
9 Roderick Gordon Chucky My Bad Thing
10 Rodney Le Blanc Benjai Trini
11 Denise Belfon Saucy Dance & Dingolay
12 Patrice Roberts Patrice Roberts Mas &Winning
13 Kerwin Du Bois Kerwin Du Bois Ah Ting
14 Megan Walrond Megan Posse
15 Cassiano Sylvester Cassi Town Ting

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