Friday, February 11, 2011

Interview: Third Bass is a B.T.G (Big Tune Guy)!

Third Bass is a B.T.G (Big Tune Guy)! from Entertainment Macco

The name Third Bass is quite a familiar one in the Trinidad and Tobago music scene. The DJ/Songwriter/Artiste has been around for quite some time; travelling the world while flying the soca flag high. I am sure most of us didn't know that Bass has written hit songs for the likes of Denise Belfon, Precious, Traffik, Super Blue, Singing Sandra and was also responsible for the discovery of now deceased songstress Onika Bostic and Soca diva Destra. So it was quite a privilege for us to speak with Third Bass, who was very vocal in letting Entertainment Macco know of the challenges that he now faces in the industry!

Entertainment Macco: Who is Third Bass?
Third Bass: “Third Bass is Adrian Joel Hackshaw a simple lover of music born oct 5th 19.. lol”
Entertainment Macco: Lol....
Entertainment Macco: How long have you been involved in the entertainment industry?
Third Bass: “I professionally started radio at 98.9 FM in 1992 ... wow long time”
Entertainment Macco: For those who may be unaware, please state all the different hats you wear in the industry?
Third Bass: “DJ/Radio Announcer/Songwriter/Artiste.”
Entertainment Macco: You were living in the US for some time, what made you decide to come back home?
Third Bass: “I honestly, believe it or not came back home because I was in a long distance relationship that ended and wanted to re-unite with the woman I love.”
Entertainment Macco: *jaw drops* Ok I guess I have no choice but to believe it. ...
Entertainment Macco: Was it easier to do what you are doing in the US when compared to here in Trinidad & Tobago?
Third Bass: “While in the U.S. I did manage to do radio not only on a Caribbean level I did a great stint at NYC’s Hott 97 FM ... doing music up there was a bit frustrating though...but at the end of the day home is home.”
Entertainment Macco: Tell me about the frustration, explain...
Third Bass: “It is hard to be an artiste while based in the USA, especially if you are doing have to be here in Trinidad to get the airplay and support. The only artiste who has really made it so far and is based overseas is Lyrikal and that took him years...”

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