Saturday, February 5, 2011

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MNI Alive's Mission Statement
MNI Alive’s vision is to see the Caribbean's local and diaspora communities connected via a one stop online information resource, regardless of geographical boundaries. Our aim is to be traders in information by utilising Information Communication Technologies to help expand the Caribbean’s values, culture, businesses, tourism credentials and other facets further throughout the world. MNI Alive is about connecting Caribbean people globally.

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Soca Queen Alison Hinds Speaks With MNI Alive
There are many female Caribbean Soca artistes whose music has received countless hours of rotation on the airwaves, equally captivating crowds in the region and internationally with their memorable performances.

Alison Hinds however, takes Soca to another level, both in her recorded music but more so in her live performances. Her shows have been so highly acclaimed that she has earned herself, without question, the title of 'Queen of Soca'. Witnessing an Alison Hind’s performance falls nothing short of sheer exhilaration. She not just sings her songs but she gives her audiences what can only be dubbed as the Alison Hinds show!

MNI Alive recently came into contact with Alison for this feature and I came to understand that this beautiful Caribbean Queen was actually born not in the Caribbean but in England, only moving to the Caribbean island of Barbados with her mom when she was 11 years old.

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