Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Soca Mafia

What is Soca Mafia?

From Soca Mafia.

So i get this email from dj in england (real soca mafia) so ya know me i google Soca Mafia

so i find
soca mafia dj's / BakahnalRadio London
soca mafia group st lucia
soca mafia dj T&T
HotOnes Band 2009 CD called Soca Mafia
(we album for 2009 Soca Mafia - Crushing Everything)

then the meaning of soca mafia

Soca Mafia is what determines what is going to be a hit in Trinidad and Tobago, the land of soca. For the past decade the Soca Mafia has been in existence due to Chinese Laundry and other affiliates.

Shurwayne Winchester ,Machel Montano and Iwer George until Iwer decided to open up a competing radio station.

Chinese Laundry partly owns or has some interest in Club Zen through longtime business partner Johnny Soong. The two combined promote some of the biggest events in Carnival. Chinese Laundry also partly owns, if not owns one of the most popular radio stations (96.1 WEFM) in Trinidad as well as one of the best production studios.

Bunji Garlin is in bad with the soca mafia which is why he has to work ten times harder. Since Laundry has interests in Club Zen, he will put Machel Montano to peform on a night competing with other acts or shows fully knowing Machel will pull the bigger crowd.

Look at how low Shurwayne fell after his manager, Laundry's uncle died.

We have heard counterparts in Barbados,St lucia and Antigua talk similar talk, but they always end such statements with "but it not as bad as in Trinidad..."

The soca mafia has gotten worse in the island. It has become very blatant. All you have to do is look at the past three Road March winners which have been landslides by over 300 plays.

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