Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Entertainment Macco: Naki interview

From Entertainment Macco.

As we get ready for 2011 Trinidad Carnival season, We at Entertainment Macco have been checking out all the new music releases and we came across a really interesting number by Nzunaki "Naki" Tuitt, is a Toronto-based talented recording artiste, and songwriter. Although she has been involved in the Entertainment Industry for some time, she remains relatively new to the Soca scene. For C2K11, Naki is featured on Ma$tamind Production's "D Tin-Pan Riddim" and she has many wondering who the sassy talent is. Entertainment Macco had the opportunity to catch up with Naki for the 2nd time and boy did we grill her....

Entertainment Macco: Describe Naki; who are you?
Naki: “I am an artiste; a writer, singer and performer. I am a spiritual being, a loving person and a warrior. I am a social worker. I am a daughter, a sister and a great friend.”

Entertainment Macco: As a female, what is a major obstacle for you have to overcome to be in the entertainment industry?
Naki: “I have to maintain a level head and ignore the unwanted advances of men when I am in music mode. Big Annoyance and huge obstacle in more ways than one!!! When I on music I wanna be on music and nothing else, leave d sh*t talk and ego for when we done record and pushing out tunes. It doesn't always work that way. People start toting feelings mixing it with the business of music and next ting yunno, song hold up.”

Entertainment Macco: Now I have been following you for a while, so I know you were into Calypso music, why the change to Soca?
Naki: “I haven't really changed or switched to Soca. I am just giving Kaiso a slight rest. It’s where I started and where I got my stage experience. I love that art form so I will never fully divorce it. But I am just investing more energy into Soca right now. It’s like my love affair.”

Entertainment Macco: Are you singing strictly Soca now, if yes, why did you make that decision?
Naki: “Well, I certainly will be focusing on Soca the most, but I am not limited to that genre. Look just 2 weeks ago I recorded a sweet reggae. Music is music, but I need to beat this iron while it’s hot, so Soca is top priority for this year and the next few.”

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