Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Happen to the Soca Audio Blogs!?

As you may have notice, Soulseeksocaspot is down, and Trinimix is down and up again, but as private blog. People have asked about this in my chat box (see it on the right side), so lets find an answer together!

The music blogs I know that sometimes share soca is
www.*censorship*.com Removed by request... ;)
and also host some soca sometime.

and for reggae this one is good: Also have some soca there...

and at Trinimix Julian makes sure ALL new soca music is realesed! But no download...
Julian has a mail list where he send out some really good songs you can add yourself to, do it here.

..So if you know any good soca blogs, please answer here: (No Login Needed!)
or email me the links at

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