Friday, November 26, 2010

Drink Yuh, remix of Hold Yuh, Now wt Music Video!

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QP Quartz - "Drink Yuh" Official Video by Right Lights Production. Thanks to Mas Media TV for assisting us on the set. Video was shot at The Hibiscus Restaurant/Nightclub/Sports Bar - 6289 W. Sunrise Blvd, Sunrise, FL. Directed by Jason J-Man Stanley, Editor O.Lecky

Drink Yuh Written/Performed/Mixed/Produced By: QP aka QUARTZ aka QUARTAPINT
Stab Mi Riddim Produced By: Smoke Shop Productionz and Remixed By: QP_QUARTZ
Drink Yuh Video Concepts By: QP_QUARTZ, Spellkaster Kain, Jason Stanley

Special thanks to the cast: Time Wasted family, Rum Sucka Crew, Royal Events family, Hibiscus Family, Right Lights Crew, Bermuda Squad!! Drink Responsibly.
Dedicated to ALL MY RUM DAWGZ!! Bless&1Love

QP Quartz - Drink Yuh

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