Saturday, October 23, 2010

Its not were you are from, its where you going!

Im sorry to say this but one of the greatest voices in soca has passed away. Blazer was killed in Trinidad this morning. He is mostly famouse for his hits Wrong Timing and Be Mine Tonight. The way he fused sweet singing and his hard rhyming always had a big impact on me. Wrong Timing is one of the first soca songs i heard back in 2003 and changed my life. Its still one of the best songs on earth. Bunji, Faye-Ann and Maximus Dan has done a tribute video for the late great artist. Director of photography/Camera/Cinematography is RevolutionEyz.

We going to dedicate our fete tomorrow for his memory!
Coconut Lime - free entrance!

Blazer Dan - "Somebody " ft Maximus Dan, Faye Ann, Bunji & Anna Assing

You can find all his songs here.

Here is some good picks:

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