Thursday, May 27, 2010

World Cup Compilation Laduma!

The Faluma crew is proud to announce that our compilation Laduma! is now available in all major download stores.
The compilation is packed with tunes for the upcoming soccer world championship in South Africa. It is released on our new sublabel Faluma Africa and it features a great spectrum of music from the Caribbean, the US, Japan and Africa, as well as from various parts of Europe to support the high spirits of this huge event.
We received songs from artists Faluma cooperates with already for years, as well as from new artists that were also full of enthusiasm for this project and have sent us their tunes.
With all those fantastic submissions to choose from we were spoilt for choice… All the more we are proud to present you the cream of the crop of African and Caribbean influenced sounds from all over the globe.
The title LADUMA! is a popular cheer at soccer matches in South Africa meaning “he scores! / Goal!” (literally “it thunders”) in Zulu.

Get the compilation from our own download store or from any other major download shop you prefer.

It is a pleasure to introduce the artists and their tunes presented on this compilation:
From Namibia to South Africa to Europe, EES is moving up in the world and at a rapid pace. With 8 CDs under his belt in just 6 years, it is obvious that he has ambition and is not about to slow down.
His music style is a blend of Kwaito (African House), Afro Pop, Reggae & Hip Hop, and has a really funky fresh spin to it. We are excited to present you his great world cup anthem “Again N Again” on this compilation.

Check out the awsome video of “Again N Again”:

Shaka Dee
The absence of the team of his homeland, the Soca Warriors from Trinidad and Tobago’s at the 2010 FIFA World Cup has not stopped the dancehall / reggae artiste Shaka Dee from paying tribute to the
greatest soccer tournament on earth. A talented soccer player himself as well as a gifted singer with a unique approach to the genre of pop-reggae, nothing could stop him from making a song for this great
occassion. The bigger picture is the fact that come June 19th, the FIFA World Cup will be hosted by an African nation for the first time. “It’s about feeling the joy, the heart and soul of the people,” says the
young artiste about South Africa hosting the premier tournament.
Listen to his song on youtube:

Tony Prescott
Tony Prescott is a leading Soca artiste from Trinidad & Tobago who has been performing already for more than ten years. He became famous as lead singer of the band Surface before starting a solo
career. His tune “Out of Africa” was the theme song for the masquerade band of Brian MacFarlane that won the Large Band of the Year award at the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival in 2009. It beautifully
displays the African roots of the Caribbean music and culture and builds a musical bridge across the Atlantic ocean.


Miche is not only one of the very few female Soca producers, she is also a fantastic singer – as she impressingly proves with her emotional submission “Run (National Pride)” for Laduma. “Run (National Pride)” was specially recorded for this compilation! It is produced by Miche herself and co-written by Mad Architect, another big name in the Soca business. The distinct sound of Miche and Mad Architect is influenced by their Caribbean roots as well as R&B and Hip-Hop.
Check out her video for “Run”:

M:B:M is a producer, drummer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and DJ from Denmark. He teamed up with the rapper Fantabis and the singer Shaka Loveless to produce the awsome energetic Afro-soca tune “The Meter”. Since this track perfectly melts African and Caribbean influences with a European electronic touch, it suits the idea of the Laduma! compilation extraordinary well.

TOK, Bunji Garlin & Hemo

The track “Get Up Stand Up” on the Indian Summer Riddim by the Jamaican Dancehall stars T.O.K, Trinidad & Tobago’s Soca legend Bunji Garlin and Japan’s finest Dancehall & Soca producer and DJ duo Hemo + Moofire was never aimed to be a football anthem, nevertheless it perfectly matches the cheerful and festive atmosphere of the wold cup. This tune for sure will make all fans go wild.

Gerald & La Ritmica

Gerald Clarinda and the band La Ritmica are experts when it comes to the fusion of all kinds of Latin-American, Afro-Cuban and various Caribbean music styles, from Zouk to Soca, from Merengue to Salsa and everything in between. Based in the soccer crazy Netherlands with roots in the cultural melting pot of the Netherlands Antilles, this band just had to be featured on the world cup compilation Laduma!. The title of their song “Hisa Man Na Laira” means “raise up your hands” and that’s just what loyal football supporters as well as music fans should do! Now!

The Soca Rebels
The Soca Rebels are Sweden’s number one Soca band. For two decades already they have been recording, performing, backing one of Trinidad’s finest calypsonians, Crazy, and bringing authentic Caribbean heat to their nordic homeland. They are a great example of how music ignores borders and geographical or cultural differences and just makes people dance and feel good – especially when it’s “Time 2 Jam” as it is during the world cup.

Nil Lus

Nil Lus is a Jack of all trades: singer, composer, athlete and poet – just to name a few of the vocations of this versatile man. Coming from one of the most soccer crazy countries of our planet, Brasil, it must have been quite natural for Nil to feel the urge to write and record a song for this year’s sport mega-event. “Tambor” (the Portuguese word for “drum”) has the spine-tingling vibe of the stadium atmosphere – this tune is well worth to become a fan anthem!

Hat + Hoodie

Hat+Hoodie is not only a great German blog about Tropical Bass, Hood House and all kinds of dance music from around the globe, it is also the stage name of two DJs and producers (Lexlo & Bobby Knows). They have been performing and making beats together since 2009. Their tune featured on the compilation at hand is “O!E”, a crazy mashup of musical elements like Balkan-style brass, Flamenco-style claps and electronic beats.


Marflix is the man behind the label Faluma, also producer and DJ from Berlin, promoting Soca and Tropical Bass music in Germany for more than a decade. His track “Vuvuzela Funk” is a minimal kwaito-ish dance track which expresses Marflix’s love for all kinds of cheap plastic things that make a lot of noise! The vuvuzela trumpet is very common at football games among South African fans. “Vuvuzela Funk” is a pro-statement for this instrument that is threatened to be banned at the world cup games in spite of being an integral part of the South African fan culture.

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