Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Member in the Soca Revolution Crew!

Soca Revolution open up a London branch!
I have the pleasure to welcome Mr General to the Soca Revolution Crew!

My name is Ojay aka Mr General the Soca Mix Machine I can mix everything and anything with Soca.
I'm from the island of TRINIDAD, PORT OF SPAIN, BELMONT. I started DJing in the Soca scene from the age of 14 years old at the age of 16 the only DJ that has helped me through to make it in the soca scene is DJ QT 2HYPE and right now im 20 years old and I'am one of the youngest outstanding Soca DJ in the UK that anyone has seen or heard right now and im looking to head for international.

Im not the type of DJ who's looking for a Soca award all im looking for is to be the best Soca DJ in history and the experience the soca scene in diffrent country and fun.The reason why i started in this paticular category because i was brought up in the soca world so i carried on sending soca to the whole world and that's all i listen to 24/7 my favourite Soca tune for 2k10 is Blaxx Hunting Roadmix.
Ive played out in alot of Soca fetes in London and Birmingham which are Poison UK Fetes, Soca Tempo Fetes, and plenty more. The year 2009 i played for Poison UK @ Notting hill carnival with the Soca Twins which i had a really good time.

Me and my friends which are Cherokee Grenada and Mitchigan has our own Mas Band called Greenz UK and we are heading for Reading carnival on the 31st May.

On the 18th May I have joined Soca revolution DJ crew 4life and I'am looking forward to travel with them around the world and get my name out to the world and brain wash the world with Soca. Every Tuesday from 4pm til 6pm (GMT) you can catch me on radio....

Station FM 89.8FM or ( the show is called (Soca Revolution in de mix) for more info or you just want to have a chat you can add me on facebook Ojay- DeejayMrgeneral for bookings you can call me on +447539882536 or send me and email one more thing i need to ask you......


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