Sunday, May 9, 2010

Introducing Valentino King - my soca brethren from Aruba

Valentino is a very talented and versatile Aruban Soca artist and rapper, born from a Calypsonian father with a rich musical background. From a very young age he started composing and singing his own songs for different shows and competitions on the island. He has been helping many children and upcoming artists with training and workshops in order to improve their skills as Soca artist and rapper. Valentino King was a rapper for the famous Aruban rap group "Basic One", and had his own caribbean musical band "Double Impak". He has been entertaining and surprising the crowds with his unique style for many years, and recently he relocated to Holland to conquer the European market as well.

Valentino King
Mobile (0031) 616856681

Valentino King will release his mixtape at our fete "SOCA CITY Amsterdam" on May 15th in Akhnaton! So stay tuned for more soca maddness!!!

Here is his tune Woman Fo So:

Valentino King - Woman Fo So
Download here

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