Sunday, January 3, 2010

St Kitts Carnival Road March 2009/2010

St Kitts and Nevis carnival is over, its from before Christmas until the 2nd of January every year. St Kitts carnival is a bit diffrent from some of the other islands. I dont think the pretty mas is as big part of it, its more a jouvert kind of thing. But I dont really know, havent been there yet. The music is also more of Bouyong and its more about the Bands then the artists. The biggest bands are Nu Vybz Band, Grandmasters Band & Small Axe Band. If you know any more, just leave the name in the comments. This years road march winners are Grandmasters Band. They also won last year. Runner ups was Nu Vybz Band, and some fans feet they got robbed of the title, which also happend the year before. Here is the winner; Bus A Bubble!

Grandmasters Band - Bus A Bubble SKN 2K9

Here is the tune many thought was going to win:

Nu-Vybes Band - Rock It Up

Here is my personal favorite:

A Want Whale - Grand Masters Band (St Kitts Soca 2009)

Here is last years Road March from 2009/2008

Grand Masters Band - Boom Bam Bam

Here is some other big tunes from this year!

Bend Over - Small Axe Band (St Kitts Soca 2009)

Sugar Band Medley aka Nu Vybz Band (St Kitts Soca 2009)

Sugar Band Medley (St Kitts Soca 2009)

Carnival Again - Grand Masters Band (St Kitts Soca 2009)

Here is some video photage from the carnival:

Jouvert Carnival Morning St Kitts 2009 - 2010

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