Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy and Bizzy sunday

Some non soca stuff.

Check this tune out, from Somalia, sounds real nice. Its something special with soccer tunes!

More nice African music can be found at Dj Edu's show Destination Africa.

Knaan - Wavin Flag (the Celebration mix)

Get a free album with South Rakkas Crew.
You can download it here:

1. So It Go feat. Serocee
2. Double Up feat. Killa Queenz
3. Choo Choo Beep Beep feat. Deerhoof & Mr. Dockery
4. Dance Wid We feat. Serocee
5. Take One feat. Grafton Primary
6. Champion Sound feat. Mr. Benn
7. Hands Up Brazil feat. MC GI
8. Bun Up 3000 feat. Capleton
9. Holiday feat. Rage
10. Like U Like
11. Hands Up Brazil (Remix) feat. MC GI
12. Room 24 feat. Rage
13. Rise feat. Serocee
14. Break Free Party feat. Mr. Agony
15. Smokin Sensi feat. Lei Di Dai
16. She’s Crazy feat. Rage

And here is a real good BBC produced documentary of Jungle music from UK.
I see some similarities with UK Soca Scene now days, but i dont think Soca will ever be so big as Jungle, its to exotic for English ppl.

Have a nice sunday!

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